ICESat-2 Bathymetric LiDAR extraction and post-processing toolset

Development of an extraction and refraction-adjustment toolset; with subsequent validation of extracted bathymetric satellite LiDAR data using intertidal multibeam sonar and GNSS survey data . 


Sentinel-2 Shoreline extraction toolset

Extraction of water edge lines from time-stamped Sentinel-2 satellite images. Tide heights are defined using co-temporal tide gauge records or GNSS height measurements. Waterlines are expressed as point features at 10-m intervals. Data may be interpolated later to generate intertidal DTMs. 


Photogrammetric Drone 3D image fusion feature- extraction toolset

Intertidal, onshore and nearshore feature recognition and extraction from drone imagery and image-derived DSM and DTM data.

The project generated a model schema for the extraction of feature polygons from drone survey data (or from similar data originating from airborne platforms).

The approach derives useful added-value from existing drone (and airborne) data, which may not have been acquired for the purpose of feature extraction.

Potential practical applications of the approach include coastal erosion monitoring, condition assessment of flood defences, assessment of risk to infrastructure and evaluating the vulnerability of archaeological heritage.

Sentinel-2 coastal / intertidal feature extraction toolset

A GIS based toolset, implementing off-the-shelf geoprocessing components to conduct intertidal, onshore and nearshore feature extraction from Sentinel-2 satellite imagery for the purpose of coastal change monitoring and mapping.


High-accuracy drone DTM river flood modelling toolset

Delineation of river flood vulnerability zones from drone image-derived very-high accuracy (<0.07m z) Digital Terrain Model data generated using high-reflectivity RTKGNSS-controlled Ground Control Point targets.


Drone image / DTMmorphological feature extraction algorithm

An algorithm for the recognition and extraction of diverse feature types based upon their morphological (3D shape) as represented within drone (or airborne) imagery in a data fusion with drone (or airborne) photogrammetric Digital Terrain and Digital Surface models.


LiDAR morphological feature extraction algorithm

Algorithm for recognition and extraction of diverse features based upon their morphological (3D shape) as represented within LiDAR point cloud data sets.